About WISE-PaaS

WISE-PaaS is an integrated IoT services platform purpose-built to deliver actionable insight from the edge to the cloud. It allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and assimilate IoT data on a large scale, process and analyze/visualize that data in real time. Featured with a complete set of development tools, WISE-PaaS streamlines IoT solution deployment and allows you to focus your resources on your domain of expertise, where it matters.

  • Connect
    • - WISE-Agent (Connectivity SDK)
    • - MQTT Connector
    • - Device Monitoring
  • Develop
    • - Data Storage
    • - Device Management
    • - Data Flow Logic Designer
    • - Dashboard Builder
  • Analyze
    • - Business Intelligence
    • - Visualization
  • Operate
    • - Billing Management
    • - Multi-tenancy
    • - DevOps 24/7
WISE-PaaS Offerings
  • Data Acquisition

    WISE-PaaS provides an easy and secure way to connect, provision and manage billions of IoT devices.

  • Visualization

    WISE-PaaS provides a dashboard builder designed for industrial applications.

  • Solution Packages

    WISE-PaaS incorporates eco-partners to provide complete building blocks to reduce your engineering effort.

  • Multi-tenancy

    WISE-PaaS multi-tenancy infrastructure allows you to serve multiple customers with reliable billing and data management.

  • Agile DevOps

    WISE-PaaS adopts DevOps culture to deliver better quality services to your end users. Make sure your operation is 24/7 always on.