Published by Advantech on 3/5/2017
Users can easily integrate the image stream to obtain analysis results.

Advantech WebAccess/VideoService is a video core module of intelligent and monitoring system. WebAccess/VideoService could instead your existing DVR or NVR systems for a comprehensive security system with video analysis capability.

This total solution includes an edge intelligent system which will generate event and attribute data via WebAccess/VideoService APIs. It can be easily integrated into a central control system like Advantech’s WebAccess/SCADA system, or other upper-level systems as the total solution.

  • Live streaming and Playback API supported.

  • Simultaneous monitoring and intelligent video analysis.

  • Real-time status record and prompt notifications of system recording, event, alarm, network connection, and backup status.

  • Up to 32 IP camera(1080p) via ONVIF