IoT Hub
Published by III on 3/5/2017
IoT Hub is a machine-to-machine “Internet of Things” connectivity tool.

IoT Hub is a fully managed service that enables reliable and secure bidirectional communications between millions of IoT devices and a solution back end.

It is a protocol-based messaging solution designed for cloud computing and modern, widely distributed web applications. It is the de facto standard for cloud messaging and the leading implementer of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), an open-standards alternative to costly, proprietary commercial messaging technologies.

  • Asynchronous Messaging

    Supports multiple messaging protocols, message queuing, delivery acknowledgement, flexible routing to queues, multiple exchange types.

  • Scale

    IoT Hub scales to millions of simultaneously connected devices and millions of events per second.

  • Reliability

    IoT Hub offers a variety of features to let you trade off performance with reliability, including persistence, delivery acknowledgements, publisher confirms, and high availability.

  • Flexible Routing

    Messages are routed through exchanges before arriving at queues. IoT Hub features several built-in exchange types for typical routing logic. For more complex routing you can bind exchanges together or even write your own exchange type as a plugin.

  • Highly Available Queues

    You can mirror queues across several machines in a cluster, ensuring that even in the event of hardware failure your messages are safe.

  • Multi-protocol

    IoT Hub supports messaging over a variety of messaging protocols.

  • Many Clients

    There are IoT Hub clients for almost any language you can think of.

  • Management UI

    IoT Hub ships with an easy-to use management user interface that allows you to monitor and control every aspect of your message broker.

  • Plugin system

    IoT Hub ships with a variety of plugins, extending it in different ways, and you can also write your own.